Kankakee County Effective DFIRM Finder

Instructions: The DFIRM Finder will help you find the DFIRM for your home or business. Users should download and view the official DFIRM for a more accurate representation of flood risk. Note: If the google map application below is not displayed, make sure to enable Javascript on your internet browser.

  1. Enter your address in the box below and click "Search Address."
  2. Click on the DFIRM panel (outlined in red) for the location you are interested.
  3. After the panel is selected, click again for available options, including viewing the official DFIRM.

The DFIRM Finder is intended to be used as a guide only. Be sure to view the official DFIRM Panel available through the options (step 3 above), or in the list at the bottom of the page.

Users should check the FEMA Map Service Center for Letters of Map Change (LOMC) that revise this effective Flood Insurance Rate Map (http://msc.fema.gov)

Legend: DFIRM panel numbers are shown in red. Special Flood Hazard Areas are shown as light blue. DFIRM Panels with salmon or blue dashed hatching have Multiple Panel Revisions available to review. DFIRM Panels with black cross-hatching are not printed and have no DFIRM available for download.

Downloadable DFIRM Panels

Panels are only created when special flood hazard areas exist within the boundaries of the panel.

To view a DFIRM Panel, click the link below (links to external FEMA Map Service Center site which is VERY SLOW!)