The Illinois Department of Natural Resources/Office of Water Resources (IDNR/OWR) and the Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS) work closely together to provide improved hazard information with a focus on flooding for communities and property owners with the goal of reducing personal and economic losses, while increasing resiliency. This partnership extends a collaborative approach to the local communities by actively engaging them in the process of identifying and assessing risks, and identifying research needs. The continued tradition of public outreach aims to engage local residents and government officials to inform, educate, and empower others to take action in preventing losses from natural hazards, and understand their residual risks, climate change impacts, and effects of urbanization.

The State of Illinois CTP Business Plan is a collectively prepared plan by IDNR/OWR and ISWS. It defines the existing structure and capabilities of IDNR/OWR and ISWS and outlines current programs, program goals, activities, needs, challenges, and priorities related to flood risk identification and reduction. This plan provides the status of Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Risk Mapping, Assessment, and Planning (MAP) in Illinois, as well as the short-term and long-term state goals in this regard.

Full Business Plan (pdf ~ 6.9 MB)