LOMR/CLOMR Application Processing

Since 2010, the Illinois State Water Survey has been reviewing and processing applications for Letters of Map Revision (LOMR) and Conditional Letters of Map Revision (CLOMR) as part of FEMA’s LOMR Review Partners Program. Illinois is one of about 10 state or local Cooperating Technical Partners participating in the program. Through this program, the Illinois State Water Survey reviews and processes LOMR and CLOMR applications within the State of Illinois in partnership with FEMA.


ISWS reviewers have developed checklists as part of the MT-2 review process. These checklists are available for applicants to QA/QC their own models using the same criteria that the MT-2 reviewers use. The checklists are not fully comprehensive and do not guarantee acceptance of an MT-2 submittal.

  • Initial Inventory - This checklist identifies the items required to initiate a LOMR/CLOMR review.
  • Hydrology Review - This document covers several hydrologic methodologies and lists the common data elements needed to complete a hydrologic review.
  • Hydraulic Review - This checklist is designed to identify common hydraulic modeling errors or issues. The checklist is most applicable to steady state HEC-RAS models, but can be used in some capacity for other hydraulic models.

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